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    п»ї10 couples that we love but are a bad example of true love
    Surely we would all like to have a relationship like those that appear in movies or series. We love happy endings, but we never notice the whole process before that happy ending. For example, before becoming the blue prince, Beast kidnaps Bella in her castle. Do we seriously aspire to suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love with our captor?

    We all have our favorite fictional couple, either because it has been difficult for them to be together, because we love the actors, or because we could not think that those two characters could be together. But there are two types of relationships in the fiction, there are those who are more like Ross and Rachel, that their friendship and love were stronger than all the obstacles, and they are of the Chuck and Blair type who “played” to put on the horns. We present the ranking of the most toxic couples of fiction. And that many of them are considered as the most beautiful love stories …
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    1. Carrie and Big
    Let’s start with the love story that marked a whole era. A writer, lover of fashion and addicted to shoes, meets an interesting and handsome businessman. A love of “first shock” that originated one of the most iconic couples of television. But let’s not forget that Carrie considered herself a masochist because she was in love with Big, would she have something to do with leaving her standing on the altar? Or that I was allergic to compromise? Recall also the times that Big put his interests ahead of Carrie, a selfish in every rule.
    You can not go back to my life and fuck everything
    2. Ariel and Principe EricElla, a young maverick siren, who chooses to skip the rules of her father (let’s not forget he was the king of the sea), and goes outside. He, a prince who is always accompanied by his dog and, to deceive, was a little sosito. The problem, on the other hand, is to lose your head (or your tail) and abandon everything in life for a man you have not even crossed a word with.
    What need had to go to the witch of the sea to take your voice and conquer that prince? Would not it have been easier to greet him while he was on the ship, and to chat as civilized people? And why does he have to hide who he is? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves about this story of? Love?
    3. Sandy and Danny? The summer love that we think will last a lifetime and then we realize that it does not. The next couple started being a summer love, the boy so perfect that Sandy met on the beach turned out to be a badass who did not want his friends to see him with her. Was he ashamed of Sandy? And she, crazy to boot, decided to change her sweet girl’s personality for that of a rebel without a cause, and also started smoking! Anyway, we are left with the dances and the wonderful songs of Grease and with that in the end? Triumph love?
    4. Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald GrantVale, we recognize, we are all looking forward to Olivia and Fitz ending up together forever. But that does not stop us from realizing that Fitz has the personality of an insecure child who can not be honest with his wife or Olivia. And although she tries to turn pages with Edison or with Jake, he always ruins everything. Even while married! This is like the dog of the gardener, who neither eats nor lets eat. Have you never heard that if you want it, let it go?
    If you love me, earn me
    5. Ryan Atwood and Marissa CooperThe stormy relationship of these two teenagers is the favorite of many of us. Ryan, who tried to give a new direction to his life, moves with the Cohens and meets the beautiful and spoiled neighbor next door, Marissa Cooper. Their relationship was the most toxic, they could have taken as an example their friends Seth and Summer.
    They have their comings and goings, but the search for a better life of the collides with the high level of self-destruction that she has. Much harm is done to each other, and although what we do not doubt is the love they felt for each other, but sometimes it is better to separate in time. In the end, he was always there for her.
    6. Romeo and Juliet The oldest and deepest love story of all time. Two teenagers belonging to enemy families, fall in love and then end their lives for lack of communication? We can see that the problems we have in current relationships are not new and come a long time ago.
    Romeo’s brilliant idea was to marry a girl he met only three days before, to make him separate from his family and convince her to commit suicide to be together forever in the hereafter. History of love or terror?
    7. Anastasia Steele and Christian Gray This is the example of a 21st century love story. We understand that Anastasia falls in love with the enigmatic Christian Gray, that she is amazed by all the luxuries that surround her, that she likes her driver to come … but to enter a series of sexual practices with which she does not feel comfortable, no we understand. And much worse the degree of possession of him towards her and that he says things like “You are mine”. Intolerable and macho!
    8. Chuck and BlairJamas we would have bet a hard for this relationship. Chuck is that character that we accept but we always distrust, and of course we would never have imagined that Blair Waldorf put his eyes on him. Possibly the most painful moment of the series is when Chuck is unable to express his feelings. More than one we were left with the words of Blair: “Two words, eight letters, say it and I’ll be yours” (and he did not say it!).
    9. Beauty and Beast Back to Disney, Bella’s story is hard in several ways. First by Gaston, a horrible person, evil and rude, who is determined to marry her to the point of taking his father off and accuse him of being crazy to be locked in a psychiatric.
    And on the other hand, she was imprisoned by a screaming monster, which turned out to be a prince who was under a spell for being too superficial. Of course, faced with the two options I had, it would have been better to stay as I was.
    And you, with what Disney partner do you identify more?
    10. Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff The worst couple in literature, and then taken to the movies, is this one. There is no doubt about the great love that the protagonists of Wuthering Heights felt, but come on, they did not even know how to express it. Between her, who was selfish and could not help but who was rude and did not have the slightest bit of patience, together they turned out to be a time bomb that not only hurt them but everyone around them.
    And to remind us that everything is not bad, we leave you here the most romantic phrases of literature.
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